DAPS PREMIUM SERIES 2.5mm Damping Sheets (Pack of 10)

DAPS PREMIUM SERIES 2.5mm Damping Sheets (Pack of 10)


Improve your car audio with DAPS 2.5mm Damping Sheets. Pack of 10 for effective sound insulation, enhancing your in-car audio experience.


DAPS 2.5mm Damping Sheets: Elevate Your Audio with Precision

Key Features:

  1. Effective Sound Insulation: Reduces vibrations, eliminating unwanted noise for a clearer audio experience.
  2. Optimal Thickness (2.5mm): Strikes a balance between flexibility and effectiveness.
  3. Pack of 10 Sheets: Ample material for comprehensive coverage in your vehicle.
  4. Easy Installation: Self-adhesive design for hassle-free application on various surfaces.
  5. Enhanced Audio Quality: Improves sound clarity, bass response, and overall audio performance.
  6. Versatile Application: Suitable for car doors, floors, and panels to enhance audio in any area.
  7. Premium Material: Durable and long-lasting, ensuring sustained performance.
  8. DIY Friendly: Perfect for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their car audio systems.