DAPS D220 LED: 220W/Pair Power

DAPS D220 LED: 220W/Pair Power


Elevate your car lighting with DAPS D220 LED. 220W/pair, 6000K crystal white, 23000 lumens, alignment control, canbus ballast, and superior heat dissipation for optimal performance.

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DAPS D220 LED: Ultimate Illumination with Advanced Features

Key Features:

  1. High Power Output (220W/pair): Ensures powerful and efficient lighting on the road.
  2. Crystal White (6000K): Enhances visibility with a clean and natural color temperature.
  3. Impressive Brightness (23000 Lumens): Illuminates the road for a safer and brighter driving experience.
  4. Alignment Control: Allows precise adjustment for optimal beam direction and focus.
  5. Canbus Ballast: Ensures compatibility and seamless integration with your car’s electrical system.
  6. Perfect Heat Dissipation Design: Superior cooling for prolonged LED lifespan and consistent performance.
  7. Strong Penetration Color Rendering: Enhances lighting beam for improved visibility and color accuracy.
  8. Easy Installation: DIY-friendly setup for quick and hassle-free enhancement of your car lighting.
  9. Available Models: H1, H4, H7, H8, H11, H16, 9005, 9006, HB3, HB4.

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