DAPS SYMPHONY Auto Car Horn (500Hz-400Hz)

DAPS SYMPHONY Auto Car Horn (500Hz-400Hz)


Elevate your driving experience with DAPS. Designed for optimal performance, DAPS horns blend power and precision to make your presence known on the road. Upgrade today and let your car’s voice roar!


DAPS, the pinnacle of automotive auditory innovation. This high-performance car horn is engineered to redefine the way you announce your presence on the road. With a perfect balance of power and precision, DAPS ensures that your honks are heard with unmistakable clarity. A perfect sync of style and sound, Symphony horns feature perfect acoustics to produce a mellow sound for a more pleasant experience. Made of fracture-resistant ABS plastic, Symphony horns facilitate easy horizontal / vertical mounting. DAPS SYMPHONY AUTO HORN (500Hz-400Hz) are available as a set, in 12V.

Key Features:

  • Harmonious Precision: Fine-tuned frequency range for a balanced and clear honk.
  • Dynamic Power: Command attention with a powerful blast that resonates through traffic.
  • Effortless Installation: Seamless setup for quick and easy enhancement of your car’s acoustics.
  • Robust Build: DAPS quality ensures durability for long-lasting performance.

Elevate your driving experience with the DAPS SYMPHONY AUTO HORN (500Hz-400Hz) and let your car’s voice become a symphony of precision on the road.